High conversion mobile link-exchange directory

Frequently Asked Questions
How does the Directory work?
Our basic concept is to share visitors among sites for mutual benefit of all the sites listed under our directory. The idea is to send visitors to a common page from where she would select a service (or site) of his interest by seeing the listing of that site. A visitor reads about the site first before visiting it. Hence the visitor will stay on that site because he visits it willingly. Listings in our Directory act like introductions. Also, the directory has intentionally been designed very simple because it is major intended for normal users. Please note that we are NOT a toplist(Learn more) and we do not deal with fake, forced, adult or misleading traffic.

How to gain visitors for my site from the Directory?
You have to Add your site to our Directory. You will receive an identifying link which you have to place on your site. More visitors you send to the Directory, more visitors we will send you back. For sure, we CANNOT and DO NOT force users to maintain the mathematical proportionality. More visitors you send us, higher your site will be placed in the Directory; higher your site is placed, more chances it has to be visited. Number of clicks you will get from the Directory will depend on the Logo, Title and Description you use. Moreover, it also depends on trends and user interest.

Do I lose my visitors when they come to the Directory from my site?
Of course not! There works an easy concept. Users who love your site will come back to your site wherever they click and wherever they go. And you cannot stop the users on your site who do not like it, whatever you do; they will leave by some or the other way. Hence, even if you receive less clicks from the Directory, you will always be benefitted, provided your site does not mislead the users.

Why is my listing not showing in the Directory?

How are clicks distributed in the Directory?
Our basic idea is to distribute clicks proportionally as best as we can. This is a difficult task because of varied interests of end-users. Out click factor may automatically reduce when there are less in clicks coming towards system; eventually, it will increase when there are surplus clicks to be circulated. Please note that out factor will always remain between 1.1x and 2x. Our system automatically adjusts this to make sure our directory remains in equilibrium for all sites.

What can I do to make users stay on my site?
Give them a reason to return to your site
* Ask yourself, "Why would the user return to my site?"
* Provide unique content to the users which they find only on your site
* Optimize your SpellUsers listing (See the following answer)

I am giving good number of in clicks to the Directory. Why am I not getting good return ratio? Am I at loss?
You are not at loss at all, be assured. Clicks you get from the Directory are the users who willingly choose your site after reading your Title, Description etc. Ah, but sure you can get better returns if you optimize your listing a little. As we already mentioned, we can just provide your site a platform on which it can be presented to end-users. Rest is up to the users if they wish to choose your site by clicking on it or not. You can work on your listing a little bit. Think from your targeted user's point of view. Ask yourself, "What are the most attractive words that can uniquely describe my site?"; "Am I serving all that stuff to my user when she reaches my site from the Directory?"; "Will my user be satisfied?"

Some tips to improve returns from SpellUsers and to gain better users who would stay at your site.
* Make title, description, logo and your services unique (why would users visit your site?)
* Do not mislead users. You may get instant users but you cannot make them say. Be genuine. Steady. Respect users.
* Use catchy and attractive titles and headings which can describe new (unique) features of your site.

Returns from SpellUsers will also depend on your services. For example, out of 100 users, 80 may be looking for downloads. But not more than 2 would be site owners. Just to talk about a comparison.

You are not at loss even if you receive less traffic from SpellUsers even after using the above mentioned optimizing tips. This is because through our concept only the users intended in YOUR SERVICES go to your site and only those users are counted.

My site never appeared in the Directory? Still it is showing out clicks. Why?
You may get out clicks through SpellUsers pages listed in search engines or other web page services even when your site does not directly appear in our directory.

Toplists give up to 10x clicks. Why does not SpellUsers give that many clicks in return?
We are not a toplist. No site/network/exchange can give out more clicks than it receives. To make it sure, for any toplist, sum all the out clicks for all sites listed and compare it with sum of all in clicks for all sites listed. Compare both the sums. If you get a huge difference in that, you can be sure that the toplist is faulty with calculations or has different evaluations for out and in clicks (they are cheating their users). Reality is that on SpellUsers, trying our best to distribute clicks evenly to all listings, we cannot even distribute MAXIMUM RETURN RATIO to some sites because of varied interest of users. Still no one is at loss.

Is there any automatic negative impact on my listing for sending traffic that violates Terms of Usage?
To maintain the secrecy of our internal working we do not disclose much of how this would work. To be on safe side, do not violate the Terms and Conditions. Our system knows how to distinguish between good and bad.