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Terms and Conditions
* In case we find that your site is against our rules we reserve the right to confiscate/ban/delete your account at any time without warning or notice.
1. Your site should not contain any illegal materials including obscenity, offending, discriminating material, racism, communalism of any kind. We wish neither to publish on nor advertise for any site containing adult/offensive content.
2. You will not add Adult sites, ads or content.
3. You will not use illegal means to generate impressions/clicks.
4. You will not use any fake/misleading titles to divert traffic to the site.
5. Exchange links would not be placed in iframes/popups or any sub windows. Also you would not link any of SpellUsers links to any Toplist or any other type of link exchange program.
6. Since the content is created by account users, we are in no way responsible for the landing pages. Though, we will sift through the ad urls using suitable means from time to time to check for invalid activity.
7. This site is free for users so we can delete any site if we think the site is unfit for our network or any of our users/advertisers/publishers.
8. Since the service is provided free of cost, we reserve full rights to change, delete or add any thing including user accounts.

Please make sure that only unique visitors coming from your site and leaving from our directory successfully will be counted as 'unique in' for your listing and the same visitor would be counted as 'unique out' for the listing (site) from which the visitor leaves our directory. Repetitive, deceptive, cloaked, forced or invalid clicks would be excluded or would not be counted. In case count for such clicks cross our undisclosed threshold ratio, the listing would be disabled/removed/blacklisted from our directory as suitable for common interest of our users.